Pure joy

Have you ever had a feeling that you want to cry because of happiness?

This concept was quite confusing for me and unfamiliar. Of course, there are emotional moments when you can drop a tear on a wedding or other celebrations, and obviously those are tears of happiness. But afterwards you wouldn’t cry out of happiness.

I was attending my best friend’s wedding. It was so genuine and truly marvelous. Here or there you would see someone dropping a tear after a beautifully said words or toasts. The couple is so in love and genuinely happy and enjoying themselves. Just at looking at them you can see the definition of happiness and love. For that moment you believe in a fairy tale, moreover, you’re witnessing it. I am so happy for my bestie that I understand that those tears in my eyes are tears of happiness. And now a couple of days later, just thinking of those two madly in love makes me smile and cry at the same time. 
I wish that everyone can cry with joy every now or then. 
Be happy
You deserve it!

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