January/17 Favorites🎄


And January is gone already.

We all know the drill, I’d like to share things that I discovered and enjoyed through the month. I hope you enjoy reading my post, and share what your favorites of this month are.

January 🎄


I’ve heard a lot about this bronzer. A lot! So many youtubers I follow claimed that Butter Bronzer by Physicians Formula is one of the best drug store bronzers. I finally got it and it’s amazing. Starting with a smell, it reminds me of a tropical vacation. It has quite buttery consistency and a warm tone. Perfect and affordable, isn’t that a great combination?



We all are pretty much familiar with the xx, I was listening to their new single “On hold” and since my friend is very fond of them, I kept them on my radar. And I’m happy I did it, so check out their I see you album.


🎧 the xx – Dangerous

🎧 the xx – On hold

🎧 the xx – Lips

🎧 the xx – Performance

🎧 the xx – Say something loving (my absolute favorite)


mv5bmje4ntizndc1ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzmznzmwmdi-_v1_uy1200_cr9606301200_al_I fell in love with Good Behavior. I was looking forward for the release of this show for so long. The main reason was Michelle Dockery. I watched Downton Abbey with her, and if you watch the trailer for Good Behavior it’s absolutely opposite of Downton Abbey, I was really interested to see her in a new extraordinary role. Compared to the roles, I’ve seen her playing, this character, Letty, is pretty  dark and twisted. I won’t retell the plot here, just check out the trailer and judge for yourself. Surprisingly, I also discovered a new handsome and talented actor. Well, not surprisingly, I guess.

Juan Diego Botto. I couldn’t figure out who does he remind me of, I decided he’s a mixture of Michiel Huisman, Matthew Goode and Julian Morris. But by the end of the 10th episode, I was in love with this actor and his character, so no more associations, just added another name to my list favorites!

If you decided to watch it, or already did, you probably noticed an awesome opening song! or it’s just me being late to the party (my sister just facepalmed because I haven’t heard of the song before). Anyways, better later then never. Seinabo Sey – Hard Time 

Oh, and super good news as of January 14, the show was renewed for the second season. Hooray!


Reading a TV show. 

I am a fan of Veronica Mars. I love the TV show and can rewatch it hundreds of times even though I’m not a teenager any more. I was beyond happy when they decided to make a movie and fans made it possible by raising funds. And now I found out that the creator of the show also wrote 2 books picking up where the movie ends. It’s such an easy read. Plus, those lively dialogues between Veronica and her father, her monologues and inner sarcastic comments, funny joke exchanges between V and her gang, those are things that made me feel like I am watching another episode of Veronica Mars. I easily imagined all the scenes and characters when reading (probably movie helped me to picture almost 30-year-old V). So I called it reading a TV show, and why no? Isn’t it better than just sit in front of the screen?

> Spoiler alert <


Guess what, she finally got her pony!






>> I’d love to read about your January favorites. 


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