March/17 Favorites 🙌🏼

I was so ready for the spring since like whole February. Though March didn’t really looked like spring month at all, except like last two days, I still got to enjoy some new discoveries, which I’m going to share with you in this post.


Adele – Million Years Ago


I listened to it so many times, that I thought my neighbors would knock on my door asking to switch to anything else but this song, and, of course, complaining about my singing along.

I LOVE the song, but I listened to it sooo many times, that I’m sick of it, and I hate when it happens, cuz I love the song but I’m sick of it and people around me are even more. I hope that makes sense, let me know if that happens to you and with what songs.

In the beginning of each month, I create a new playlist on Spotify of the most recent songs I like. Here’s my March playlist, check it out and let me now if you like it.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetAs I mentioned in my previous post about Ipsy bag, I loved my tarte dry matte lip paint. I can’t get enough of this color and formula. It dries instantly and lasts almost forever. It’s definitely a must have if you hate reapplying your lipstick all the time.




#random things

Calming waves candle from dw home. I am obsessed and in love with this sent. I guess at this point you might be worried if I’m mentally stable, as I’m getting obsessed with random things. Don’t worry, I’m good. If you smell it, you’ll get me. I got this candle as a Christmas present form my friend, and as soon as I got home I instantly regretted that I haven’t got one for myself. I honestly cannot compare its smell with anything, if you know what that is, leave a comment down below. Anyways, it has a calming vibe, perfect for a relaxing


65zymsMy sister recommended Riverdale to me. I was somewhat skeptical about it as it is another teen drama. But what an addictive teen drama! It’s a mystery that spins around a murder of a young boy.  From what I heard, it is based on the Archie Comics. I never heard about it but, nevertheless, I got hooked up from the first episode. Except for the new faces, it’s starring a well-known from Beverly Hills 90210 Luke Perry.

What are your favorites of this month?



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