March movie month

I am a movie lover. I honestly have a list of 871 movies to watch. Before the Internet era, I used to write those down. Now I use It’s a Russian website, very similar to Imdb, I just like kinopoisk’s interface more. I don’t have to create my own lists as at Imdb, there are already folders and you just sort movies into those. I love its mobile app interface even more.  Whenever I watched the movie, I can rate it or simply marked it as watched. So far, I have 583 watched movies.

Anyways, I love watching movies, live with and sympathize with the characters, and ‘learn’ on their fictional mistakes. If only I have more time to spend watching movies, and with every year there are more and more new ones, and I’m not even done with all the classics.

So anyways I decided to start a new category in my blog #movie_month where I’ll share the list of movies that I watched in one month and my impressions about those.

Since I had a spring break in March, my list was longer that usually. Let’s jump right into it:

I’ll do my best not to give away a lot, but just in case be aware


I also attach the links to the movie names so you can check it out without leaving this page.

I finally watched Arrival. I won’t write much about this one, as I actually dedicated a post to it. Click on this link to read it.

I visited my friend on the break and we decided that we need a movie night, that’s what we watched:

  • The Switch. See my friend is a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston.  I though of this movie as an old one, then checked and it’s 2010, and then I thought, “huh, it’s not that old” and then another thought, “it’s kinda old, it’s already 2017”.  Anyway, it still feels like a good old romcom, perfect for a girl night.
  • The Edge of Seventeen. I wanted to watch this one for so long, mainly because of the hilarious moment in the trailer. Here it is main character, Nadine, sends a very dirty and straightforward text to her crash and when she shows it to her favorite teacher (whom apparently she considers a mentor), and the only thing he responds is “you should avoid using run-ons”. if that would save her any  embarrassment 🙄 And did I mention, Woody Harrelson is that teacher. Except for that hilarious part, it’s actually quite a drama about a teenager coping with her puberty period but also her father’s death and who’s trying to find her place in the world.
  • Hot Pursuit was on my  list for a while. I don’t have anything much to say, a nice comedy featuring Reese Witherspoon with southern accent.

Last day of spring break I decided to have a marathon of my own. That what was on my list:

  • Rules Don’t Apply. I like Lily Collins, and I like the retro style of the movie, as it sets the events in 60s.
  • Beautiful Creatures. As I was debating what to watch next, I simply decided to watch another movie with Alden Ehreinreich (Frank, a driver in Rules Don’t Apply). I am not really familiar with his filmography but kinopoisk has another nice feature, whenever I look at the filmography of the actor or actress there is a tiny folder next to the movie if I have it added, or an eye if I watched it. So Beautiful Creatures it was, since it was another movie in his filmography and I happened to add it to my-to-watch-list. Why not to add some fantasy to my life?
  • Nocturnal Animals. I was quite intrigued by the trailer and it was quite a fruitful year for Amy Adams. To be honest, I loved trailer more than the movie itself. Dark and twisty, and a little bit confusing.

Julie & Julia. Because Meryl Streep, because Amy Adams, because food, because biography (one of my favorite genres), because it’s been forever on my list, oh, and because Amy Adams’s character is blogging in the movie. A very nice movie that motivates to do what you like, what brings you joy, regardless what others might think. Do it because you like it, because you want to!

Hidden Figures. Because biography, because it’s awesome? Biographical, inspirational, empowering. I really liked the characters, determined and optimistic despite all the hardship.

Do you have your to-watch-list? Do you have any recommendations for me? I’d love to add more to my list to watch. What have you watched this month? What are your thoughts about the movies I mentioned?



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