April/17 Favorites 🌸

That was a long month. Wasn’t it? Or it just felt like it because of how crazy and busy it was. Anyways, what’s up, guys? How have you been doing this month? What have you been loving this month? cuz I’m about to share what my favorites of this month are. 


We finally got to have a couple of sunny and warm days and I got to wear my loafers. I got those right after New Year from Forever21, and since then I was waiting for a chance to wear those. Despite my eagerness to wear them, I was nervously expecting tons of blisters, but to my surprise it didn’t take long to break them. They are super comfy and super cute, perfect combo for  a fashion dilemma, right?



If you haven’t watched it yet, be aware there might be >>SPOILERS<< 

It was just released a month ago. Finally, I am not late to the party. This show is a vivid example of love in spite of something.

13-reasons-why-poster-personagens-netflixI have hard time sympathizing suicide, I don’t get it. I truly believe that life is the most invaluable treasure we have and we should appreciate what we have. But despite that, I truly love the show. It’s the most meaningful TV show I’ve ever seen. I appreciate its noble purpose and powerful message, and I hope those who are struggling to cope with life will learn a lesson on Hannah’s mistakes. You’re not alone in this world, but if it feels like that, there are other ways to deal with it. That might be a dumb advice but try to find something that brings you joy, meet other people, change location, interests, people; but suicide should not be an option at all. You are given just one life and it should be cherished. Learn from Hannah’s example, even if you feel alone, it doesn’t mean that you are. There is definitely someone else that want to be beside you but you just don’t know, or simply haven’t met that person.

I feel that this show was sooooo popular from the start that it feels like by asking your friends if they watched it, you are passing the tapes on (if you watched, you’ll get the reference). If you haven’t watched the show yet, I’m passing tapes to you ->check it out!

Though I found hard time sympathizing Hannah, I learned one lesson for myself (came across a post in a social media with a question) What if every day you kill your own Hannah Baker? Message I got is Treat people as you want to be treated. Thus,  Selena Gomez’s song Kill ’em With Kindness (which is featured in the show) seem to perfectly fit here.

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

P.S. There were a lot of controversial comments about how brutal and violent some scenes in the show were. I personally appreciate the truthfulness of the rendition, if they wanted to pass the message it should be real. What are your thoughts about that?


This one is a big one, surprisingly, super surprisingly. Surprisingly, because I am not the one that keeps track of new trends, and overall I don’t know a lot about music. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to music. It’s just that I like absolutely different music, across different genres, styles and performers. My taste is constantly changing, and when someone asks me what music I like (like in general), I am just stuck, cuz I don’t have an answer. Anywayzzzzzzzzzz, that was a long intro to this Favorite.aaron wright

Aaron Wright. I just love the guy and all his songs. I basically know his music because of Grey’s Anatomy (if you are a Grey’s fan too, let me know!), his songs are often featured in the show, and not just this one, many others. Even on his website (his name is a hyperlink), he says

“You may have heard my songs on TV and that is why you are here.”

which is so true. I loved his songs, and wanted to learn more about him and his music. At this point, if there’s another his song featured in Grey’s, I’ll most likely recognize him (and believe me I’m the worst in shazaming, you can ask my friends😂).

I’m currently obsessed with Don’t question my love and Don’t play games. 

btw, let me know if you want me to link youtube pages or spotify.

Soundtracks to 13 Reasons Why

Another random fact about me: where do I find new music? Nowhere, it finds me in different shows I watch. For real, I don’t really like keeping track of what is going on in music industry, I can randomly notice an old (or a new one) song in a TV show or a movie and that’s it -> love from the first hear (lol).

Not only this is a good, really good show, but their soundtracks are great. Check their playlist on Spotify.

Remember that just now I said that I don’t really like looking for new music, I didn’t. But since I started creating my playlists on Spotify for every month, I wanted to add new songs (and I don’t watch that many shows to provide me with new songs non-stop). I really like that you can browse on Spotify through tons of charts and playlists, and find something to everyone’s taste. Btw, check my April playlist.the chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers – Memories … Do Not Open

Shout out to Spotify that suggested me their album right on the day of its release, I was listening to it since. If you already checked my first suggestion ⬆️, you might think that it’s an absolutely different vibe compared to Aaron Wright. I told you, I love different music. Definitely check it out, it automatically makes me dance.

and just one more: Hailee Steinfeld – Most girls

5626a07225f2fff533ccacba077df6f4-1000x1000x1It was released just this Friday, so technically still April.

Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful
Most girls work hard, go far, we are unstoppable
Most girls, our fight to make every day
No two are the same
I wanna be like, I wanna be like most girls

I just leave it here, and go #girlpower.

Unfortunately, no favorite beauty products (I’ve been using same old ones). But anyways, maybe you have some favorites to share, I’d love to read all about that in the comment section down below.


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