May/17 Favorites 💁🏼

Hi all! How was May treating you? What are your discoveries and favorites this month? I'd like to share some favorites of mine with you. #fashion I found a ring I was looking for so long! I found it absolutely accidentally, and I believe that those things that you get without planning turned out to... Continue Reading →

Year of Yes

oh, for so long I wanted this book. Main reason, I love Shonda Rhimes, I love her shows, I love the way she writes for her shows, and I admire her for how creative and witty she is. Anyways, as you may already know, I'm a fiction person, this is new for me. Nevertheless, I... Continue Reading →

your summer story starts here (MayGlamBag)

Your summer story starts here That's what was on a card in this month ipsy bag. Quite precise, isn't it? It was chilly in the beginning of the month but temperature jumped up to 19°C (66°F) right after and it started feeling like summer. So yes, our summer story starts right here ➡️ And products... Continue Reading →

A Dog’s Purpose 🐶

I just watched the most adorable movie ever. When it comes to loyal dogs, I'm sold. I love Hachi: A Dog's Tale, but I've been drowning in the pool of tears for the whole movie. This one, on the other hand, is just a right balance of tears and laughter. If you haven't watched A... Continue Reading →

April movie month

Though I thought April lasted forever, I didn't get to watch a lot of movies this month, a busy life of  a grad student. Anyways, those are some that I did find time for: Snowden. If you remember from the previous post, I love movies that are based on real stories, so no surprise I... Continue Reading →

To Do: May

I decided to write this post and share with you what my goals for this month are and my random thoughts overall. What are your plans for this month? 🔹find a job! That's my main and the most important thing to do on the list. I'm graduating in less than a week, and my main priority... Continue Reading →

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