To Do: May

I decided to write this post and share with you what my goals for this month are and my random thoughts overall. What are your plans for this month?

🔹find a job! That’s my main and the most important thing to do on the list. I’m graduating in less than a week, and my main priority is to find a teaching position (if you know about any opened positions in Twin Cities, MN, let me know lol).

🔹watch online lessons about Photoshop to step up my game with editing pictures.

🔹spend time outside as much as possible. It’s finally warm in Minnesota, and I’m moving to the bigger city, so I want to explore and enjoy nature (or more of city landscapes).

🔹eat healthy and exercise! With finals, stressed and busy college life, I wasn’t really paying attention to what I’m eating and in what amount. So basically, I’m not ready for summer 😧Nope, not  at all. When I stepped on a scale, that was my wake up call. The very next day, what happened to be May 1, I went grocery shopping and got a bunch of fruits and vegetables; and I’d try to cook more healthy food. Lately, I was really into making veggies and chicken in the oven; simple but really good. Share your favorite healthy recipes in the comment section down below. As for the exercising, finals are done, so I have no more excuses to be lazy. I actually followed a tip from one of the Youtubers I’m subscribed to, Molly (shout-out to her). So she mentioned that she looks up HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts and follow those. I already saved a bunch of those on my Pinterest (if you don’t follow me there yet 😉), and tried them out. Ideally, I’m planning to switch from gym to just following different workouts in the park with my friend (change of the scenery always motivates me).

🔹hang out more with my friends and enjoy spring weather 😃

I figured I might as well share with you my monthly playlist on Spotify in the beginning in the month, so you can listen through May. Click right here. Do you have any recommendations that you are obsessed with, so I can add it to the playlist?

P.S. I wanted to keep writing about all the things I want and plan to do at some point. But I figured let’s be real, I won’t change over night (I’m a lazy person, remember), and some of things are more long-term goal, but I’ll keep you posted. Do you like to set up goals for yourself? What is on your to-do-list? And remember, add something fun to your list! 💋💋💋


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