April movie month

Though I thought April lasted forever, I didn’t get to watch a lot of movies this month, a busy life of  a grad student. Anyways, those are some that I did find time for:

  • Snowden. If you remember from the previous post, I love movies that are based on real stories, so no surprise I was into this one. It was good, and I really liked how in the closing speech instead of the actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who btw did great, they showed the real Snowden.
  • 10 Rules of Sleeping Around. A cheap TV comedy. I don’t want to offend anyone, such comedies deserve to exist. I just needed something light in the background while doing my nails, so I’m not complaining)
  • Deadpool. Emmm, I am trying to catch up with Marvel comics movies. Only last summer I watched Batman Trilogy, and regretted I didn’t do that earlier(. Well, with Deadpool, I’m not that sure. Still like Batman more, though I really like Ryan Reynolds. But again, who am I to judge someone else’s work?
  • The Space Between Us. I was really looking forward to this movie, but left somewhat disappointed. I like scientific fiction, but this one was more on a side of teenage drama and unrealistic portrayal of teenage life. e.g. >> SPOILER << a girl who never showed interest in planes, gets in one and manages to start it, to navigate it, to crash-land it, and to survive. Seriously?
  • Seven Pounds. MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER. I was rewatching it with my friend, who haven’t seen it before 🤦🏼‍♀️I feel that this movie is not appreciated enough. When I first watched it, I discovered Will Smith from a new side. He’s amazing in dramatic roles! I would definitely recommend it! Just be warned it’s a drama with quite heavy and difficult topic.
  • We’re the Millers. Again, wanted something light in the background. I knew it was a somewhat dirty and dumb comedy, but some scenes were funny, some disgusting. But another check to my long list.

What have you watched this past month? Do you have any recommendations?


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