Year of Yes

oh, for so long I wanted this book. Main reason, I love Shonda Rhimes, I love her shows, I love the way she writes for her shows, and I admire her for how creative and witty she is.

Anyways, as you may already know, I’m a fiction person, this is new for me. Nevertheless, I wanted to get my hands on this book since its release.

Wonder Woman is a study in badassery.

It’s a word.


I know that it is a word because I just typed it twice, and when my computer asked if I wanted to ignore it or add it to my dictionary? I chose add it to my dictionary. A word that is in the dictionary is definitely a word.


1. (noun) the practice of knowing one’s own accomplishments and gifts, accepting one’s own accomplishments and gifts, accepting one’s own accomplishments and gifts; 2. (noun) the practice of living life with swagger : SWAGGER (noun or verb) a state of being that involves loving oneself, waking up “like this” and not giving a crap what anyone else thinks about you.

So add it to your dictionary too! do badassery! ✅

In her book, Shonda Rhimes talks how she changed her life, and tried to say yes to things she has never done before, to things that terrify her, to things that she’s just used to say no. As she was telling her story, you pick pieces of advice for yourself. You start thinking what if I tried saying “yes” to something I would say ‘no’ to.

Shonda talks about work, family, true friends, self growth and self-confidence.


I just love the way Shonda writes. When you read, it’s just like you have a conversation with her, she just talks to you. I find those book that “speak” to you very easy to read.

I won’t lie, it took me a month or so to finish it, basically because I was busy with school and sometimes I didn’t feel like having a conversation, and that’s what it is when you read this. The book is not full of actions, some specific occasions are mentioned and described, but it’s a train of thoughts that engage you in a conversation. I love the way she shared her thoughts (sometimes it reminded me of my own rambling, not that I’m trying to compare myself with Shonda).


I really enjoyed the part where she wrote about her challenge to give speeches, and one of the first ones she did, was at Stanford Commencement Ceremony. She included the whole speech in the book, and I just googled the video and followed her speech. That was fun. This helped me better imagine her talking to me when I kept reading.


Other than that, she often refers to her shows and characters in it. Since I am a fan of her work, I like reading how she relate to her characters and talks about them as of real people. How real should they be, huh? Though she loves her creations, and her Shondaland is her safe comfort zone, but one thing to learn is to step out of your comfort zone, say yes to other things, to things that you have never done, to things that terrify you, to things that you used to say no.

Did you read ‘Year of Yes’? What’s your favorite part?

What books do you like? Any recommendations?





2 thoughts on “Year of Yes

  1. This book sounds like such a good read! I love the idea of saying yes to things that make you uncomfortable. It inspires me to start challenging myself to say yes to things i would have otherwise shot down. I will definitely have to pick this up and give it a read! 🙂 Great post!

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