May/17 Favorites 💁🏼

Hi all! How was May treating you? What are your discoveries and favorites this month? I’d like to share some favorites of mine with you.


I found a ring I was looking for so long! I found it absolutely accidentally, and I believe that those things that you get without planning turned out to be the best bargains. It’s a sterling silver criss cross ring. I found it on sale in Francesca’s, only one ring left, and only one size (mine), that was a destiny lol . You can find this ring here.


THEORIE Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum that I got from ipsy in my April bag. I didn’t know I will be such a fan of it when I just got it. I always use it before heading out to tame my frizzy hair. It instantly makes my hair soft and easy to brush, and it smells amazing!


I have two for you in this category.


I was rewatching Stitchers. This show has 2 seasons already with ten episodes each. I was done with it last summer, and was hoping for season 3 since then. At that time unfortunately, show didn’t end up being that successful and no 3rd season was planned😢 As I was watching it again, I just got even more obsessed with it, and I can definitely add it to the list of my absolute favorites. If you want to avoid spoilers, then you can skip next passage.


It’s a science fiction crime drama, all how I like it, so that’s a match made in heaven. The show is about secret NSA’s Stitchers program. Using some neuroscience technology to stitch into dead victims memory to collect information you wouldn’t be able to, as dead people don’t speak. It’s all very sciency and fascinating for me probably because I know nothing about neuroscience, bioelectrical engineering, coding and computer science. And of course, there’s some drama and conspiracy theory going on. The main character Kirsten, who is the one to see dead people’s memories, has temporal dysplasia. That is a fictional condition, according to which she doesn’t perceive passage of time as people do, but rather use mathematics to calculate how fast the time passes. She also doesn’t really understand human emotions and has hard time sympathizing and filtering what she’s saying. And what I really like, later because of some accident she starts feeling, and that is new, and she struggles to understand what those emotions mean. It’s hard enough to cope with emotions for a normal person, but you observe how Kirsten is trying to make sense of all those feelings. Anyways, of the topic, conspiracy, so Kirsten wasn’t selected randomly, she wasn’t even selected because of her condition, it has something to do with her parents, and stepfather, who … were one of the creators of the Stitchers  program.

As I mentioned above, show wasn’t that popular, it received quite mixed reviews. Regardless, I just love it. After a year or so with support of fans, show was renewed for season 3! And that was the reason I decided to watch it again, cuz on June 5 new episode is coming out! Can’t wait! Let me know if you watched it or not, how do you like it?


So I finished Stitchers in 3 days, and most of my shows are on hiatus. I needed a new one. I finally decided to watch Jessica Jones. It has only 13 episodes, so that didn’t take long. It seems kinda creepy because of the mastermind who can command you to do whatever. It’s kinda violent too, as Jessica (the main character) is trying to get revenge on Kilgrave (mastermind). But on the other hand, she’s fighting with her fears, cuz she’s been under his control and done horrible things because of him. As always, the hero defeats the villain. As far as I know, it’s renewed for season 2, so more villains to come. Oh, and forgot to mention, it’s based on comics. I know nothing about comics but I did like the show.


So, if in the previous favorites post, I was telling you that I don’t usually look for new music, things changed. Now every Friday I’m eager to check new releases on Spotify to listen to something new.

I’m still obsessed with Aaron Wright – Don’t Question My Love.

New additions to my playlist, that I’ve been loving (you can find those in my May playlist):

One Republic – No Vacancy

Ingrid Michaelson – Whole Lot of Heart

Lauv – I Like Me Better

and my fave Jaymes Young – Feel Something

Make me feel something, something
Show me that you’re human, ohh

What are your favorites and recommendations? I’d love to read about those in the comment section down below.


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