May movie month

This month I caught up with some new releases, yay!

So here’s what I watched this month:

  • A Dog’s Purpose. It’s such a nice and heartwarming movie, and it’s about a dog! It’s literally about the dog that wonders what his purpose is. You can check my random thoughts about this one here.
  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Well, I wanted to watch something funny, and this movie featured Zan Efron. Yup, that’s pretty much all I have to say.
  • Gifted. That is definitely the best movie of this month for me. A nice family drama focusing on relationships of uncle and his niece, to whom he’s basically a father. Definitely check this one out!
  • Beauty and the Beast. We all love good old Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. And this one was with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens (I know him from Downton Abbey), so I was really looking forward to it. Overall, it’s not bad, I even tolerate tons of songs (not a fan of musicals).
  • Before I Fall.  I got the idea of the movie from trailer, but I was afraid it was trapped to much in teenage drama. This movie still has that teenage vibe, but it does touch upon bullying, loneliness understanding what you really want. So those are things that the main character reconsiders as she has to relive the same day again and again.
  • Who Gets the Dog? New thing, instead of kids, a couple tries to get full custody of the dog. They try to show how the relationship between two main characters evolve through their divorce process, but it’s mostly a comedy that features a cute dog.
  • Mr. Right. Well, it had some funny moments, but overall I didn’t really like it. Anna Kendrick appeared on a couple of those mediocre comedies (she was in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates), and plays a total train wreck, but in this one, by the end of the movie the only question I had was how high her character was. They probably wanted to show her unbelievable affection for a random guy, but this portrayal of love definitely threw me off.

That’s it for my list. Though I watched some movies, my to-watch list didn’t get shorter cuz I got across some new trailers and yup … does that happen to you often, when you watch one movie trailer on Youtube, and then there’s a bunch of suggestions, and the next thing you know half an hour already passed? Let me know if I’m not the only one 😉.

What movies did you watch this past month? Which did you like, which didn’t?

Thanks for reading



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