Youtube recommends #1

We all are victims of advertising, I’m not an exception. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy everything I see:) I’d like to make up my mind based on the recommendation of some of my favorite Youtubers as they test it on camera. Of course, sometimes they are paid to advertise products (but I take recommendations from people I follow for quite a while, like I know them lol), but if can see that they either work with the same brand multiple times or they keep featuring those ad products even in not sponsored videos, then I decide to try it out if I’m interested. So this new series of posts will be about me trying those recommended products. I hope my brief reviews would be helpful 😉

Simple Skincare

This one doesn’t include only one product. I discovered it from Jenn Im. I’ve been following her for a couple years so far, and she keeps collaborating with Simple Skincare. Jenn always features their products in her videos and Instagram even if it’s not and ad. When I was on the hunt for new skincare products I decided to check this one out. What I liked about Simple, it’s for sensitive skin which is great. I got their Soothing Facial Toner, and I absolutely love it. I’ve already gone through one bottle, I want to get another one, and I couldn’t find it in neither of two Walmart stores in my area 😱 I also tried out their makeup wipes. I stock up on those, as I like how soft on my skin those are. I definitely  want to check out their other products. I’ll keep you posted. I guess soon all my skin care will be Simple. Just trying to keep it simple 🙂

Where to find: Walmart, Walgreen’s.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Another recommendation from Jenn, she’s the best! Though now she can afford any high-end makeup, she was always raving about this powder. It’s an affordable powder from a drugstore, and it’s also quite a quality product. Lately, I noticed that some other Youtubers use this one on regular basis too. The packaging is very simple and kinda cheap. It doesn’t come with any sponges or brushes, and I wouldn’t need those (I almost never use the brushes or sponges that the product comes with). It has a transparent lid, that is not attached to the base. It’s plastic so if you drop it, it might smash, so it’s probably good that it doesn’t have a mirror. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t pick it up on my own. But I glad that I listened to Jenn’s recommendation.

My Shade: 004 Sandstorm

Where to find: Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS, Target.

Butter Bronzer by Physicians Formula

Kathleen Lights recommends! From what I remember, she has never advertised it, she just uses this bronzer all the time in her makeup tutorials. Hands down, the best thing I ever tried from a drugstore. And yeah, it’s quite affordable, and you get a quality product! Great bronzer, and I forgot to mention, smells AMAZING! There are only two shades, lighter and darker, but you still can make it work as it’s very pigmented. I featured it in my January favorites and I’ve been using it since.

My Shade: Light Bronzer

Where to find: Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s, CVS.

Milani Make It Last Setting Spray

Amazing thing! I was looking for a new setting spray, and one of my favorite Youtubers, Kathleen Lights was raving about this one. Amazing quality and smell! Apparently, you can use it to prime, correct and set. I honestly use it only to set my makeup, but I might give it a try as a primer to.

Where to find: Walmart, Target, CVS.

Do you easily get influenced by the advertisement? Where do you get your recommendations? What are some products you got because of the ad and what are your thoughts about those? What are your recommendations? I’d love to read your comments about that!

Thanks for reading





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