volume up (JuneGlamBag)

Hi all! I’m back with a new ipsy glam bag. To be honest, I wasn’t really excited about this bag because I was about to get another nail polish again, a lip gloss again, and an eye pencil again. Right, nothing exciting? But as I was testing the products, this bag became my favorite! Let’s see what I got:

💙 Kokie Cosmetics Nail Polish in Atlantis at Last

I really like the packaging, it’s so cute with an adorable black elephant. Atlantis at Last is a gorgeous cobalt blue color. I don’t really wear such bright colors but it’s definitely a great one for summer, so I’ll give it a chance. This color looks super bright and unusual but I can’t stop starring at my nails.

update: at first this color was too much for me, but I when I applied to my nails I couldn’t stop staring at it. I got tons of compliments about this color! And I am also satisfied with its quality, it lasted me almost a week!

💙 Dr. Lili Fan Probiotic Recovery Cream

Now I got probiotic anti-aging cream. You get quite a good amount of the product in this small sample. I would say it has a yogurt consistency and herb smell but I have no idea what herbs those are. You can use it in the morning and at night. I just tried it out last night and this morning, so far I like how this cream feels on my face.

update: it’s a great addition to my skincare routine! Thanks to ipsy, I got a chance to try an absolutely new product for me. 

💙 MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencil in M-10 Matte Black

So I already got one black eye pencil in April Glam Bag, I was kinda of skeptical about another one. I don’t really use eye pencils at all but as I swatched this one, I was amazed how creamy it is. I actually tried it yesterday instead of eye liner, and I absolutely loved the result.

update: for real long lasting eye pencil. It’s perfect for water line, but I also applied it instead of a liner and smudged it a bit. 

💙 Luna By Luna Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Jace

This is so pretty! I used this subtle pink shade all over my lid for yesterday look. You can definitely use this color for crease and inner corner, as well as for cheeks instead of blush.

update: I love it for a neutral base if I don’t feel like doing a lot with eye shadows. I tried it as a blush, and I can’t stop using it! Ultimately this eye shadow is my favorite blush.

💙 NYX Professional Makeup Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé in Plush

That was an absolute hit for me. It’s a third lip product I got from ipsy, and at first I was like “really, again?”. I got this in cool nude pink color called Plush. When I swatched it and tried it on, it was a rich Barbie pink layer of lipstick, and for a moment I got disappointed. As you nicely blend it on your lips, you get a nice natural pink tint on your lips, and I just loved it. And it feels like real soufflé on your lips. Unfortunately, it’s not that long lasting but I’ll live with that. 💋

update: another favorite lip product! I like how it feels on my lips and a subtle pink tint you get after it wears off a bit. 

What did you got in your subscription boxes? What products do you like to get the most?

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