random thoughts about Someday, Someday, Maybe


by Lauren Graham

Slowly but confident, I’m moving along in my reading challenge. I noticed this book because of its cover when walking through the aisles in Barnes & Noble. The girl walking down the Brooklyn Bridge with her arms in the air seems to be living in the moment, and savoring life.

Another reason I wanted to read this novel was because of its author, Lauren Graham, known for her Gilmore Girls role as Lorelai; and it wasn’t like many celebrities do an autobiography or a memoir but a novel.

I feel I could relate to the story or just a title of the book itself right away. Do you? Haven’t you ever said to yourself “Someday I’ll do that or that” or “Someday I’ll be that or that”? It all starts as we are kids, when we are dreaming about our future, and then it’s just stick with us as we grow, dreaming about becoming successful someday; working hard for that success and when you deal with some obstacles on your way, you might say “Someday, I’ll get to that top”. 


Anyways, a little bit about the novel itself. Aspirational title for someday’s success, a girl on a Brooklyn bridge on the cover, any guesses? The story is about a novice actress, she started out like 2 years ago when we catch up with her in the beginning of the book. The main character, Frances Banks, sets a deadline for herself to become a real actress, and when the story starts, only 6 months are left till that deadline.

Frances is struggling to land a worthy role, she had only done a couple of commercials, and she’s been attending a popular acting class where she was noticed by two agents. Here comes the time to make a decision that may determine the rest of the events in her career. I won’t lay the whole story in front of you. You’ll have to read for yourself to discover if that someday happened.


Frances is always thinking about how her future will be. I absolutely get her, I like imagining how my life will be at some point. I realized that she keeps rethinking and fantasizing how things will go, so she seems to be absolutely distorted from a real life. I know that she’s an artistic person and that she’s allowed to be dreamy but no one cancelled the real life.

I wonder what it is about James Franklin that makes me constantly imagine him as someone else, somewhere else, especially when he’s right in front of me. Shouldn’t that be enough of a fantasy? Not that this is a fantasy exactly. I’ve wondered about him, it’s true, but it’s just a work session with a classmate I happen to find attractive, which is less of a fantasy and more of a really good day.


I do believe that you can always rely only on yourself, and that’s something Frances tries to do. She’s so overwhelmed with everything that I think she might drown in all those worries. She needs some support to scrap through, Frances can easily find that in her friends, roommates and father, but she doesn’t appreciate that. Her dad has hard time understanding showbiz but he’s trying his best and she never calls him back. Pick up your phone and call your parents, tell them how much you love them!❤️


Her boyfriend. That’s absolutely another story. Their relationships reminds me of Rory-Paul dating situation from Gilmore Girls revival (if you know what I mean😉) They sort of followed their own paths but agreed that they will get back together someday. I’m just wondering here, how do you expect somebody to wait for you, if you don’t bother to pick up the phone and call back.


I have a great appreciation for Jane character, Frances’ best friend and roommate. She always sees through Franny’s insecurities and excuses. She’s very supportive, inspiring, and sassy. I probably loved this character even more than the main one.


And of course, there’s a guy, love triangle and figuring out one’s feeling situation. Another book that feeds this fantasy that you’ll run into the right guy at the right time.


So if you’re not planning to read the book, keep reading, as spoiler alert is in order.

By the end of the book, Frances finally gets a real shot in LA. She’s flown there for the audition, and as she sits there in a makeup chair, she notices that her makeup artist is nervous and her hands are shaking. It’s someone’s first day! Frances smiles at the newbie, and I’m smiling too. This scene definitely ties it all together. Frances came to realize that there’s other people who are starting out, who are inexperienced and nervous.

I don’t know why I’m so surprised that someone else is new. I guess it’s sort of a shock to realize anyone could be more of a novice that I am. In the last three years I’ve become used to always being the one in the room with the least experience, and it never occurred to me that someday that wouldn’t be a case, that someday it would be someone else’s first day.

As Franny is smiling at her makeup artist, her someday is starting right here, right now.

Have you had your someday already?

I’ll wait, I think to myself, and for once, instead of the ever-present worry about my deadline bearing down on me, hurtling towards me, ever shrinking, I allow myself a luxurious thought:

I’ve still got time.


Though I might have been skeptical about some points of the novel, I still picked up some useful stuff for myself:

Appreciate your family and true friends! They are your internal love and support. They helped you to become who you are, and would it be worth it, if they are not there to share your success with you?

Don’t give up and never stop believing, regardless how cliché that sounds!

Keep working towards your goals!

“This?” I say, picking it up, trying to imagine my worn leather Filofax as some kind of mystical book. “No. This is totally different. This just shows I haven’t accomplished anything. This, in fact, proves it.”

“Maybe you haven’t accomplished anything yet,” Dan says. “But what that book shows is how you’ve kept filling up the pages. Quantity becomes quality by itself, like the story says. You don’t even have to believe in your. Just keep at it, like the fictional Franny, keep filling up the pages, and something’s bound to happen.”

Let me know what you think about his book! Have you read it, do you want to read it?

What are you currently reading? I’d love to check out some of your recommendations.

Thanks for reading





4 thoughts on “random thoughts about Someday, Someday, Maybe

  1. This book sounds so cute! I always appreciate a story about a young girl trying to find her way and make her dreams come true. Also really love how the author shines light on cherishing your loved ones and the people you hold close. I had to read the spoiler alert (of course) lol but yes for the ending!!! :))))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t say that the author explicitly talks about cherishing loved ones, but that’s what I picked up for myself as she shows how the main character hardly ever calls back to her family.


    1. I’m glad that you got interested! It’s quite an easy read) Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve just read a blurb to your favorite book, and that’s something I definitely want to start reading asap! Thanks again for reading my post and recommendation!

      Liked by 1 person

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