Summertime sadness

What to do if you feel stuck? I found myself feeling summertime sadness. This last few days the weather was a bit windy and gloomy so I spend a lot of time at home, and I became so unmotivated and even a bit depressed. It’s freaking summer outside, I didn’t like the feeling! Here’s some suggestions how to deal with it.

1. Switch up your routine!

I wanted to get into routine, having a routine is good, but if you stuck in it, that’s not cool. Though I like my morning routine, making breakfast and coffee, then I always end up drinking coffee on the couch and watching Youtube or a TV show, and the next thing I know, it’s already afternoon. Many people suggest to make your morning better to have something to wake up to, so switching up your routine will definitely boost up your mood and energy.

2. Get busy

It seems weird if it’s summer, you don’t have school and people go on vacation, or I’m unemployed, what would I do? But even doing chores, working out, completing some old projects, get you in a productive mood.

3. Get out of your comfort zone!

That might sound very basic, but GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Please don’t think I’m yelling at you, I’m yelling at myself! Try to do something you don’t usually do. Summer is a perfect excuse for adventures!

4. Go outside!

Another thing I keep telling myself. Even if I’m doing something useful at home, I sometimes spend the whole day indoors. That’s unforgivable in summer. Today I had some stuff to do and meetings to attend so I have no choice but to leave my apartment, and let me tell you, it was pouring outside the whole day! Honestly, I wasn’t excited about the weather, at all. But being busy and trying to stay dry under the tiny umbrella walking from one place to another, still felt so good! Rainy days are beautiful in summer, and warm summer nights are gorgeous ✨☔️🌌

5. Meet people

Get with people you like, get together with people you share the same interests, get together with people who inspire you!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and no summertime sadness follows you! But if it does, how do you deal with it?

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2 thoughts on “Summertime sadness

  1. I’m struggling with exactly the same thing! I feel like I’m wasting my summer, and when it comes to an end I’m afraid I will regret it so much and blame myself for doing nothing.Physical exercise and going outside really help me.The last thing we need to do in summer is to stay indoors, right?Thanks for sharing this motivating post! xx

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