June/17 Favorites 💦

Unbelievable, June is gone. That was too fast. Summer, please, slow down! But this post in not about complaining but about things I’ve been loving this month.


I decided to add a new category to my monthly favorites, which would be outfit of the month. Basically that would be something I can’t stop wearing. So here it is. All items were bought in store, if I didn’t find the exact same thing, I link similar options.

Top: H&M top Femme Vibe

Pants: H&M pants 

Mules: Forever 21 

Earrings: Francesca’s (linked similar, but there are so many options!)

You can easily turn this outfit in a sporty one if you opt for a pair of sneaker. That’s what I did when I was out for chores. I tried it with beige high heels, and it still looks stunning.


Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. It’s summer, it’s ice cream season. I definitely need to have a small basket of ice cream in my freezer, you know, just in case. My absolute favorite flavor is Sicilian Pistachio Gelato by talenti. You can tell it’s my favorite, since half of it is gone. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?



mv5bmji4mtu0nze1of5bml5banbnxkftztgwodi3ndc0ote-_v1_uy1200_cr7306301200_al_My sister highly recommended this one to me as she loved Lucifer’s sarcastic conversations with humans. Yup, the show is about the Devil, but don’t freak out, Devil who escaped hell and lives in LA, and has a successful business. I don’t want to rise any controversial topics here, it’s just a show, so I treat it like a show and pick up on those things that are relevant for me. In TV shows and movies, what I always look forward is relationship development and character growth. The show is not bad, but with season 2 it becomes even better. You can observe how Lucifer undergoes some change. He’s trying to make sense of all his feelings and emotions, and deals with them in his own devilish way. They are not portraying him as becoming an angle, not at all. I just find it fascinating how they managed to create the story and connect all the necessary details of the puzzle to show how Lucifer’s character evolved. Can’t wait for season 3 this fall to see more of it!


mv5bmtq4nzezodmzml5bml5banbnxkftztgwmjyzota5mje-_v1_sy1000_cr007501000_al_Yeah, second month in a row two TV shows again, yeah, I know, I need to get a life. Anyways, after finishing Lucifer, I needed something interesting for the background, not very complex but not too easygoing so I wouldn’t pay attention to that background at all. I have blankly chosen Revenge on Netflix, and I literally went to bed at 3 am after finishing first 8 episodes. I know I’m crazy. It’s a mystery thriller. The main character whose father was killed when she was a child, comes back to her childhood house under a new name. She’s introduced as Emili Thorne. Emili is plotting a revenge against people who are responsible for her father’s arrest and later death. The show is full of secrets and lies, and twisted cold-blooded detailed plans. I feel that first two seasons were the best, as it is continued, it becomes an entangled web of lies and conspiracies. It just gets too much, but I still recommend first 2 seasons!


As I said I wasn’t a huge music enthusiast, but I feel that this category is becoming my favorite to share. For this month, I have three artists to share:


1. Rag’n’Bone Man. As always, I discovered him from a TV show, Lucifer. I fall in love with song Human. No, I’m obsessed.

I’m only human after all. Don’t put your blame on me.

So that is my favorite song, but I also checked the whole album, and recommend you to do the same. Click here.


2. Jaymes Young’s album Feel Something. I already featured one of his singles in my May favorites. And now he dropped his first album and I absolutely love it. Click here.

🎧 Jaymes Young – Tied Down

🎧 Jaymes Young – Infinity

🎧 Jaymes Young – Don’t You Know

🎧 Jaymes Young – Feel Something 

imagine-dragons-evolve3. Imagine Dragons’s Evolve. I never called myself their fan but I noticed that I’ve been adding their new singles to my playlist every time those were released. When the album was released I’ve already had half of the songs on my playlist. I learned that they are coming to Minneapolis in October, so guess who wants to got to their concert? 🙋🏼

🎧 Imagine Dragons – Walking The Wire

🎧 Imagine Dragons – Believer

🎧 Imagine Dragons – I Don’t Know Why

🎧 Imagine Dragons – Start Over

🎧 Imagine Dragons – Thunder

All these songs are on my June playlist on Spotify. Check it out, if you haven’t yet.

What are your June favorites? I’d love to read more about things you love in the comments section down below.

Thanks for reading



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