June movie month

This post is definitely the shortest one in the category. I added more new movies to the to-watch list than I actually have watched. If you read my June favorites post you might know that I managed to watch 6 seasons of two different shows in a month, so no wonder I didn’t have time for movie. I will improve, I promise. I watched only 5 movies, 3 of which are Russian comedies about which there is not point for me to write. Two other movies:

  • The Girl in the Book. I found this one on Netflix. And I decided to give it a shot, since the actress from Revenge show (my last month obsession) was in the main role. It is a drama about personal transformation.  It covers a serious topic of sexual abuse, and transformation of the person who experienced that. I would say that it’s quite a good movie. I think they could’ve gone more into depth about how she dealt with it, as it seemed to be very abrupt decision to change her life around.
  • Grease. It seems to be a classic and I thought it’s right about time that I watched it! I’m not the fan of musicals, but this one was quite nice. My favorite songs were Summer Nights and Hopelessly Devoted to You. Which one was your favorite? It’s a movie with a pleasant theme that sends a good message. For example, the song Beauty School Dropout which sums up the situation of a dropout, and advises to go back to high school.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have for you this month. What movies did you watch this month? Any recommendations for me?

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