To Do: July

As usually before focusing on future plans, I’d like to summarize whether the plans for previous month were completed.

✔️ started my part-time teaching job this month! My first day was on June 23. I woke up at 6 a.m. on Friday and happily went to work. It felt amazing, I guess that’s what being unemployed does to you.

✔️ started following low-carb diet. As they say to make any diet work or in order to see any result, you should actually stick to it as part your lifestyle, not just a diet for a week or two.  I can see myself embracing this, I will still have cheat days but I think I can make it work. I miss oatmeal the most, as that is the easiest breakfast for me. I also missed deserts. Other than that, I can easily live without bread and pasta. Do you have special tricks or diets that you follow?

✔️ drinking more water. I downloaded the app I talked about, Plant Nanny, and it made me realize that I didn’t drink enough water at all! So far, it’s my second plant, look how cute it is.

✔️ as for exercising, I did go for a run for a couple times, and took up a Youtube challenge, following a short workout videos everyday. I started in the middle of the month, and I’m trying to keep up with it. I discovered those from BeeFree’s posts.

✔️ as for blogging, yay! I managed to post twice a week as planned. YAY!

What to do:

🔜 as I mentioned in previous posts, exercising and eating healthier is still on the list, no explanation needed. I will be keeping up with the challenge. Here’s YouTube channel I’m following.

🔜 I did try to keep a bullet journal. So my goal would be to make it look nicer and more creative. I also want to write in the journal every day, because somethings for habit tracker I would get to it three days later, not even remembering what I wanted to mark. Like now, it’s already July 3, but I haven’t organized my journal for July. I’d better get to it.

🔜 have my post drafts prepared ahead of time. I have so many ideas for future posts. At least I write them down in order not to forget but I don’t get to writing them until day or two before the posting date, and I hate myself for that. I want to write down whatever I have in mind right away, so I have a bunch of posts scheduled ahead of time.

🔜 keep up with consistent posting!

🔜 celebrate my birthday and hang out with friends!

What are your plans for July? Remember to plan something fun too!

Thanks for reading



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