Summer bucket list

Though we have only 2 thirds of the summer left, I still fell this might be a good topic to discuss. I wanted to share with you what adventures I want to take upon this remaining summer months.

☘️ go kayaking/ go on a boat. I have never been on a boat, leave alone kayaking. Living in the state of 10,000 lakes, that is unforgivable. So that’s something I definitely doing sometime soon.

☘️ go hiking. I’m just asking myself why I haven’t done that before. I usually get outside of the town for a short hike. The nature is so beautiful. Just taking a moment and embrace the beauty around you feels great. Leaving my phone at home would be perfect to disconnect from the rest of the world but since I don’t have camera, I need phone at least for taking pictures.

☘️ go camping. That is sort of an extension from the previous bullet point. Yup, I’m that person that has never been camping. My friend invited me to a camping trip, and since I like hiking, I think I can survive and enjoy camping too.

☘️ read outside. Just to spend sometime outside is good enough but that’s something you already know. But instead of reading at home on a couch, grab a blanket and go to the park. That’s exactly what I did last week. Let me tell you, I couldn’t have found a better spot for reading.

☘️ go to festivals! Summer is a season of tons of festivals. I’ve already been to three, and there are so many more planned. There’s music, amazing new food to try, so many tents with artist showing and selling their art, and also some particular activities depending on the theme of the festival.

☘️ watch a movie outdoors. Believe it or no, when I was a kid, I thought that happens only in the movies 😕 I always wanted to do that, I already checked what movies and when are offered in my city, so sometime soon, I’ll share with you my impression)

Did I miss something? Share your ideas!

Thanks for reading




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