Empties #1

Hey all! How have you been doing? Here I am back with a new beauty post. I meant to start this empty series for a while, I was just waiting for the empty packages to pile up. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then basically, I will share my opinion about the products that I’ve used up, sharing my expectations, experience with it and overall impression. 20206142_1631950290171390_321503914_n

1. MAYBELLINE New York Fit Me MATTE + PORELESS Foundation

Shade: 120 Classic Ivory

Link: Target.

It’s a drugstore foundation, and I really liked a glass packaging which makes it a bit high-endy (that’s not even a word, right?) But when you open this glass bottle, there’s no application of any sort. I would usually pour a little bit of the product onto the back of my hand or beauty blender. After a while I figured I’m not a fan of this packaging cuz I would never get enough or too much, and when there were less and less product remaining, it took a while to get it out. I think there still might be some product leftovers but I just got sick of wasting at least 5 minutes to get some product out.

It’s medium to full coverage, I would usually use this foundation for medium coverage. I liked the formula, it didn’t break me out, which is great. I might have repurchased this foundation but what I didn’t like is packaging, and that is the main reason I wouldn’t get it again.

2. OUAI Treatment Masque

Link: Sephora.

I got this sampler in my March Glam Bag and was really excited to try this hair product. When I just opened this tube, it smelled amazing. Interesting thing, whenever I applied it to my hair, it had a weird reaction contacting with it or whatever, and it smelled really weird. I’m not a fan. This 30ml sampler lasted me for 3-4 times, I believe. It supposed to heal damaged hair, which I do have because of constant dying. I didn’t really see any particular result after using this mask, but it might be because of my inconsistency of using it and again I applied it only for 3-4 times. I might look for something else next time, but samplers are definitely a great way to explore whether you need/like/dislike the product.

3. Nourishing Hand Cream with Shea Butter & Vitamin E from Bath&Body Works

Shade (scent): Orchard Frost

It’s original price was $5, but I believe I got this one on Christmas sale for $2.50-3, not sure. It has a sweet peachy scent. I can’t live without a hand cream, I always have one at my night stand, and this one lasted me a month or so. I won’t repurchase the same scent, but I’ll definitely stock up on some new ones during a sale. Do you usually stick to one scent or try different ones?

4. BURT’S BEES Moisturizing Lip Balm

Shade: Coconut & Pear

Link: Target.

I have dry lips, and I was always on the hunt for a good moisturizing lip balm. Burt’s Bees works the best for me so far. If you just trying out the product, you can get a single one. But it you know you like it, it’s better to get a bundle of two or four right away. This way you save some money (not a lot but still) and it’s good to have back up. I always need to have one lip balm next to my bed, in my purse and on my desk. Coconut & Pear is by far my favorite scent or taste? anyways, you understand what I mean:)

5. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Shade: Fair to Medium skintones

Link: Target.

I’ve heard about this one from Youtube and wanted to try that. I decided to go with a travel size to be on a safe side. I finished travel size quite soon and got a full size product. Hence, it’s awesome. It claims to give your skin a natural tanned glow which sounds unbelievable. I honestly doubted that, but wanted it to work since I don’t like any self-tan products. It works! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before and after, and I also did go outside in the sun in between. But overall, I could see that it quite smoothly does it’s work. I feel that is a great product to start the summer with. You know when it’s finally warm outside and you can finally wear your dresses and shorts, and when you do, your legs glow with all that paleness (I don’t want to offend anybody, some people choose to avoid sun but that’s not about me). Anyways, I believe that with this product, I avoided that awkward period of pale legs before I get tanned. Using this moisturizer every time after shower did give a slight natural glow (don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not a tanning product). As I mentioned, I already got a full size tube, and I’m definitely getting another one when I’ll go through it.

Did you use any of the products mentioned? What are your thoughts on those? What are some of your empties this month?

Thanks for reading




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