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with short updates about how I liked the products after using them for a while

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I’ll start with a short intro if you haven’t heard about ipsy subscription. If you did, you can just scroll down to the pictures.

I picked up the idea from one of my favorite Youtubers Kathleen Lights when she was sharing what she got in her monthly subscriptions. That’s how I discovered ipsy bag.

That is an awesome way to explore and try out different makeup, skincare and hair products. If you subscribe, you will be getting a pretty makeup bag with 5 products that are selected for you, and importantly, just for $10. Isn’t it a bargain? Btw, if you are interested to get it, I’ll share a link as my referral, the case is by referring your friends and subscribing to their social media pages, you are earning points which could be exchanged for products.

So, let’s cut to the chase. Yesterday I finally got my first ipsy…

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