To Do: August

Hey all! How’s life? August has began, unbelievable! Before I start with all my plans and goals for this month, here’s a brief summary of the previous month:

Exercising and healthy diet. I kept up with Youtube challenge workouts from Lucy. I was doing fine on weekdays, but sometimes with busy weekend, I could skip workout 3 days in a raw 😔

I was doing good with posting regularly this month, just this week I was late because of the move.  (I moved to a new apartment).


  • to make the most of the last summer month, go to the beach, go camping (still haven’t), go on more bike trips!
  • to visit new coffeeshops and places in Minneapolis!
  • decorate our new apartment! I love walking in the home decor aisles, but now time spent there is justified.
  • try cooking something new!
  • take an online course of whatever interests me cuz I’ve been lazy enough this summer!
  • do some research for my new job! I start on August 22nd, so excited!

My list for this month seems to be very basic, prepare for work and enjoy last summer month, but that’s where my mindset is right now.

What are your plans and goals for August?

Thanks for reading



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