July movie month


Hey all! How’s everything? What have you been doing in July? In July, I’ve only watched 4 movies, and here’s my thoughts on them.

I believe this is a Netflix original movie. Not bad Netflix, not bad. I was interested in the dramatic story of a disabled teenager and his caretaker, who had lost his own child and project his parental instincts onto this teenager. I like the play of words in the title, as it seems that it’s about care taking services, and that’s how the movie starts with fundamental rules about care giving, whereas by the end of the movie, it’s actually about caring for people.

If you can’t stand the sight of blood, I wouldn’t recommend it to you. I wanted to see this one for a while but never got to it. I can’t really tell much about how I like it since I started watching it late at night when I was tired and I fell asleep, and finished it two days later. By that time, I already lost my interest and just wanted to finish it (I’m that weird person that have to finish watching a movie). The story itself is interesting. I think if I finished this movie at once, I would be more excited about it.

I would say a typical romcom, but very pleasant to watch. I really like the actors, Sam Claflin and Emilia Clark, and their characters. Emilia’s character is so funny and kindhearted. As you follow the development of their relationships, you can see that it’s not only about love but about their view of the world. Clarks’s character, whose last name in the movie is the same, is quite naive and even a bit dumb, but she’s also very kind and nice, and she wants to show Will, Claflin’s character, how to enjoy the life again. Whereas Will wants to show her the rest of the world to broaden her horizon, since she haven’t seen anything beyond the point of their home town.

It’s such a sweet movie! I really liked songs from the movie before I’ve watched it, but when you watch the movie, you can feel every word in the lyrics. I’m not a fan of musicals, not at all, but this one, is just amazing. I’m already listening to their playlist on Spotify non-stop. Though it’s a romantic comedy drama about to aspiring artists falling in love and trying to achieve their dreams, I feel that the movie is not about love. Or it is but about love to what you do, to what you want to become, to true yourself. I appreciated that they decided to focus on their dreams and go their own ways instead of adjusting their dreams and stick together. They profess their love to each other and that’s how they part. And some romantic people might be saying what’s the point in their success if they don’t have a loving partner to share it with, but through the movie you can see how passionate and aspiring people they are. They would make their relationship work, but eventually they would feel miserable deep inside if they had to give up something for one another.

Did you watch any of these movies? What are you thoughts about those? What did you watch this month? What are your recommendations?

Thanks for reading



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