Choosing to be happy

We all have a choice. I choose to be happy.

I’m usually not the most happy and positive person. People would usually perceive me as a grumpy and a too serious person. My roommates once made a collage of my grumpy face and a grumpy cat (I’m not attaching that masterpiece here), there was some sort of resemblance according to them Anyways. I’ve been trying to become a better version of myself. Thanks to my great friends, who can recommend a good book and activities for self-development, I leaned a lot about myself and how I can improve myself. Now, I don’t feel like being grumpy and complaining about things all the time. That’s not a way to live my live. I choose to be happy. It’s even easier to wake up in the morning with that new attitude. I love waking up happy, full of energy and excitement for the day. Even if I had a bad day, I can still have an amazing tomorrow. I love waking up happy for no reason but the fact that I’m alive and have a whole day ahead of me to make the most of it. waking up with a smile on your face sets you off to a great start of the day!

I woke up happy today though I had a sad evening yesterday. But I woke up with no regret about yesterday, we all need some melancholy in our lives once in a while. I woke up to the sun rays reaching into my room, and a puff of fresh and slightly cool morning air.

selfie 2.0.jpg

I put on some good music, apparently singing and dancing to some good tunes while getting ready is very energizing (why haven’t I done that before?).

Hence, a smily morning selfie.

Decided, listening to music in the morning will be my new ritual.

Decided, waking up happy and enjoying those tiny things in my life is my new choice!

What’s your choice?

Thanks for reading



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