Summertime sadness

What to do if you feel stuck? I found myself feeling summertime sadness. This last few days the weather was a bit windy and gloomy so I spend a lot of time at home, and I became so unmotivated and even a bit depressed. It’s freaking summer outside, I didn’t like the feeling! Here’s some … More Summertime sadness

Pure joy

Have you ever had a feeling that you want to cry because of happiness? This concept was quite confusing for me and unfamiliar. Of course, there are emotional moments when you can drop a tear on a wedding or other celebrations, and obviously those are tears of happiness. But afterwards you wouldn’t cry out of … More Pure joy

Random Thoughts about Brooklyn🗽(by Colm Tóibín)

That rare moment when I love both, the book and the movie. In the movie, they managed to beautifully depict the story without major alternations and with some additional short but meaningful scenes.  >>> SPOILER ALERT <<< Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín “Two Counties, Two Loves, One Heart” I believe this movie slogan truly depicts the … More Random Thoughts about Brooklyn🗽(by Colm Tóibín)